Revolution (USA) - Issue 62

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  • USA Issue 62

    Revolution December 2021


    The classic Cartier Tank has held an iconic status for more than a century since its first creation in 1917. In our cover story this issue, we examine the great success of the Cartier Tank, a brilliant and timeless design by Louis Cartier inspired by the utilitarian Renault tanks. Still on the subject of design, Felix Scholz brings you the story of creative designer Alain Silberstein, known for his technical geometric shapes and playful use of primary colors, while Bhanu Chopra highlights the life of prominent Bauhaus designer, Max Bill, and his collaboration with Junghans watch company. We speak with master watchmaker Michel Navas about the bold design language embedded in Louis Vuitton's high watchmaking.


    Elsewhere, we dive deep into why Ulysse Nardin's Marine collection boasts some of the most accurate chronometers in the world, and Ken Nichols takes us down memory lane with the influence of Omega in NASA's Moon landing. Barbara Palumbo, brings us her continuing Women Watch Collectors series with Déborah Maldonado of São Paulo, Brazil, and Ross Povey lends his expert opinion on late ’90s and 2000s Tudor models. Lastly, we bring you the annual Revolution Awards celebrating the best in the watch world in 2021.


  • Edition Revolution (USA) - Issue 62
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