In Conversation with Bernhard Lederer, A Master of Escapements

Paying a visit to Bernhard Lederer’s atelier in St. Blaise, Wei nerds out with the German Master Watchmaker about a crucial component in a watch’s movement, the escapement, which has undergone hundreds of years of innovation. Lederer expounds on the efforts by past masters, Abraham-Louis Breguet and George Daniels to develop the perfect escapement and how he has finally succeeded with his Central Impulse Chronometer where others have fallen short.

Eleonor eventually joins the discussion, and Lederer breaks down highly technical concepts into information that is easily digestible by the layperson. If you’ve ever wondered about what lies within the true heart of watchmaking, which is the pursuit of chronometry, then you don’t want to miss listening to a true master who has dedicated his life’s work for the furtherance of this cause.

*We apologise for the technical issues in filming this interview where we couldn’t use the footage from the camera focused on Bernhard for the first 10.5 minutes.