$ 392

  • The renowned Rapport “EVOLUTION MKIII” single watch winder cubes have been
    developed to mimic the action of a watch being worn. The watch is held at a precise
    angle while being rotated and the winder can be set to run at the optimal requirement
    for your particular watch to ensure it is permanently wound.

    The EVO cube also offers a multitude of winding programs at the touch of a button for a
    range of luxurious automatic watches from Panerai to Rolex to Audemars Piguet. It
    features three winding settings; clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional, resting
    periodically in accordance to setting you have chosen.

    The black leather watch carrier has a screw adjustment at the front and a sprung pad at
    the back to allow for the fit of any size watch strap or bracelet. A soft padded leather
    covering the carrier helps to prevent damage to the watch. The carrier fits snugly into the
    cup and there is no danger of the watch becoming detached in the process. It also
    brilliantly comes to rest with the watch in the perpendicular position whenever the
    rotation cycle is stationary.

    This EVO cube is fitted with a rechargeable battery which enables the winder to be
    operated by battery or through mains supply. When the mains are plugged in, it
    automatically charges the battery, taking 3-4 hours to fully charge the winder. The
    winder can operate for about 35-45 days off a full charge, depending on the program.

    The EVO cubes are created in a range of gleaming, glossy colours and are designed to be
    collected together. The EVO cube is specifically crafted from wood and eight layers of
    lacquer are being applied to the boxes. The soft leather cushion firmly and securely holds
    your watch with adjustable side clips.

  • Supplied with international power adaptor
    Extended battery life (batteries not included)
    Offers multiple levels of control for a range of prestige automatic watches
    Three direction setting and TPD settings
    Available in new condition in Midnight Black
    Size: w 120 x h 120 x d 146 mm